A look at the residencies that would have happened during the pandemic. This time with Óscar Valero Sáez.


Óscar Valero Sáez

“In the beginning, I really enjoyed the lockdown. It was as if the whole world stopped, I felt relieved and enjoyed having time.”

Óscar Valero Sáez is a multi-media artist based in Madrid, Spain, who has already attended two of the Albers Foundation residencies in Senegal and in The United States.


It ́s interesting to observe how the Albers Foundation’s three residencies are located in such very different places yet provide similar experiences. They are all remote and so immersed in their respective surroundings.

When asked how the pandemic has impacted him, Oscar says:


In the beginning, I really enjoyed the lockdown. It was as if the whole world stopped, I felt relieved and enjoyed having time. It was a good opportunity for me to focus on my work and spend time in the studio. The cancellation of projects and programs has been difficult, of course, but at the same time, I feel lucky to have spent all that time on my art. 

Oscar is used to spending time on his own, finding solitude necessary to his work. He is currently immersed in a new series of drawings based on J. S. Bach’s “Fourteen Canons BWV 1087”. 

The series is rooted in the first eight notes from the Goldberg Variation. I investigate the hidden riddles of the Canons through a visual process, analysing and dissecting them geometrically.


What do you imagine you might have created if you’d participated in a residency this year? 

I would probably have made drawings related to the surrounding landscapes: perhaps a series of large scale drawings or paintings, which somehow integrate the natural process of nature and the passing of time.

Most of all, I would have liked being fully immersed in the process and connecting with the silence and nature, while searching for the simplest and most abstract expression in my artwork. 


The residency would have provided an even greater sense of solitude. Those powerful landscapes of Ireland would probably have provided a sense of time slowing down. I would connect with the light, the rain, the wind. And work a lot! 


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