We believe in equal opportunity.
In this time of interrelated crises, our mission is to enable any artist to be able to attend a residency regardless of their financial circumstances or geographical location. 

The Regina Tierney Fund

Periodically there is a deserving artist who cannot afford the travel, and some who need a stipend just to be there. The Regina Tierney Fund for Visiting Artists makes it possible for them to have this opportunity.

Our goal with the fund is to cover these expenses, especially for participants traveling to the US or Ireland from Africa and other distant locations, and also to provide a modest stipend regardless of need to all participants.

Regina Tierney, a close friend and associate of the Albers Foundation and Le Korsa, instrumental in our initial social media outreach, was, as her friend Vicky Wilson says, “A spiritual force not to be thwarted.” Before her death in February of 2021, she was a dedicated painter, art professor, videographer, graphic designer, and pioneer in 3-D animation: a student and teacher of art who broke barriers with her vision, power, and inventiveness.

Quoting Vicky Wilson again: “She experienced herself as a dedicated art student;” the purposes of the fund are “What she lived for, and what she believed in so forcefully.” We are honored to have the fund bear the name of this individual whose passion and energy and belief in visual art were comparable to Anni and Josef ’s.



Please support artists by donating to The Regina Tierney Fund. The mobility fund supports artists to cover travel expenses, art materials, and living expenses related to their residency. You can donate to the fund here or write to Matthias Persson, Artist Residencies Director.

To follow me, follow yourselves.
- Josef Albers